About Alaska Center for Dermatology

Founded by Dr. Peter Ehrnstrom in 2003, the Alaska Center for 
Dermatology is a medical facility in Anchorage, Alaska, that 
specializes in treating skin issues. The staff at the Alaska Center 
for Dermatology is equipped to treat the medical problems of children, 
teenagers, and adults. Their services include general dermatology, 
dermatological surgery, Mohs surgery, laser surgery, cosmetic surgery, 
and ultraviolet light treatment. As a courtesy to its patients, the 
Alaska Center for Dermatology bills most insurance companies for its 

Aside from Dr. Ehrnstrom, the Alaska Center for Dermatology has an 
experienced and caring staff of board-certified dermatologists. Other 
doctors include Dr. Margretta O’Reilly, Dr. Robert Moreland, Dr. Joy 
Wu, and the Physician Assistants, Kim Kinnebrew and Carmen T'Joens. 

Each doctor brings his or her own unique specialty and area of focus 
to the Alaska Center for Dermatology. Dr. O’Reilly specializes in 
clinical research, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and autoimmune 
diseases. Dr. Moreland focuses on laser surgery and surgical and 
medical care, and he is experienced in working with pediatric, 
teenage, and adult patients. Dr. Wu has extensive experience treating 
adult and pediatric skin diseases and performing surgical, laser, and 
cosmetic procedures. Physician Assistants Kim Kinnebrew and Carmen 
T'Joens have extensive experience in dermatology and work closely 
with Dr. Ehrnstrom on a daily basis.

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